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Entrepreneur, Product designer and founder of a high value brands. Delivering high-impact products and marketing activities for a variety of products prioritizing quality and design at the front while leveraging strategic vision, business acumen and innovation.

Blue Fairy Med LTD.

Co-Founder and CEO

Medical Device, Med Tech industry | Tel Aviv, Israel 

Service design | Textile design | Web design

BLUE FAIRY CARE SYSTEM is an innovative textile monitor of vital signs of premature babies in the NICU. Its holistic configuration and wireless features allow an approachable and progressive treatment. Blue Fairy changes the way we treat premature babies, improves their welfare and wellness and creates a new standard of care. 

Summer Seeds Inc. 

Co-Founder and Designer

Fashion Industry | Greater Boston Area, USA

Fashion design | Web design 

Summer Seeds offers a modern, relaxed fit apparel, with chic and comfort. Modern take on traditional wear, inspired by Mediterranean beauty and ease, designed to simplify life, for the city girl.

GogaDesign LTD. 

Co-Founder, GM and Designer 

Textile Industry | Tel Aviv, Israel  

Product design | Textile design 


Babies accessories product line focused transitional objects and soft toys. Over the years, Goga Design has grown from a small local design studio introducing new and innovative products under high standards, into a leading company and a well-known brand which approaches International markets with a fresh and innovative product line.

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