Interdisciplinary Design in Practice


Design Research | Industrial design

Practical Practice for Responsible Design.

This Case Study presents the process of disassembling and formulating the characteristics of the local coffee jug to it's essence. The process disassembles the material on the axis of uses and time, while creating an aesthetic and functional system that reflects the story of a the local coffee jug.

life of an object​

Design Research | Industrial design


Fractures and defects in the object do not represent the end of his life, but rather a unique moment in its history. This project emphasizes the cracks and repairs as another event in the life of the object and extends the life of the object beyond the moment of damage or breakage.

Intuitive Basket Weaving

Design Research | Industrial design

The parts of the basket are the base, the sides and the rim. The basket starts at the base and then the "weavers" uses flexible materials to fill the sides of the basket. How can we create a personal,intuitive weaving process?

Liminal space

Design Research 


The wrinkles define a liminal process that is built in stages, side by side, from our youth to our age ... The aesthetic and symbolic value of the process of collecting the wrinkles by marking them and restoring them to the chain that is built in stages over the years.

Loops game

Design Research 

Wear it as a game |  jewel as a game object

"You can go anywhere with a smile and a piece of string."The various loop games are common all over the world and have been played for centuries. Anthropologist Lewis Leakey pointed the loop games to the saving of his life and described the use of this game in the early 20th century to obtain the cooperation of sub-Saharan African tribes that were suspicious of the Europeans.


Ecological marketplace

Web design | Environmental Impact


Omtiamtis an online ecological marketplace that aims to provide designers, from all fields, a new source of one-off materials and inspirations. We create a worldwide sourcing community that hand picks local coastal waste, which we curate and present as unique, raw treasures, to be use for a new creation. The platform present different designer’s work showcases in an online gallery.


How to create privacy or buffer in the public space?

Words such as: anti-anonymity, concealment, privacy ֿ, buffer and peephole are examined in this exercise ...

Fruits Mutations

DO(!) play with your food...

Mutations are alterations in the expression of a gene. These alterations lead to changes in what a gene does. Sometimes the alterations are quite visible, such as fruit color or shape.